The beginning of the school season is also the beginning of the AUDITION season! But, do not worry, I have great tips for preparing for and having a great audition!


General Audition Tips


Be Prepared. Know your notes, dynamics, and phrasing for all pieces; practice playing through from beginning to end without any stops. Practice your scales focusing on good intonation and sound quality.

Know the “Big Picture”. Please listen to a recording of your solo piece.

Rehearse Your Audition. Play your solo and scales for your parents and friends. It will help you get used to playing in front of people. (The people you play for do not need to be musicians themselves.)

Get a Good Night’s Sleep. Try to do everything the day before as you normally do.

Eat Properly. Eat a well-balanced meal and stay away from foods that have the potential to upset your stomach. I like to eat a banana right before an audition; the potassium helps to calm my nerves.

Hydrate. Drink plenty of water the night before and the day of your audition.

Think Positively. Visualize yourself walking into the audition room with confidence and picture yourself playing the best you can.

Wear Comfortable Clothes. You should look great and feel great. Wear clothes that are neat and tidy or “dressy-casual”.

Leave Plenty of Time. Make sure you have directions to the audition location. Allow adequate travel time so you arrive early enough to adjust to the audition space.

Warm Up. If possible, warm up before you leave home. Arrive early to your audition location, give yourself at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled audition time to unpack, tune and warm up. Be careful not to overdo it and tire yourself out. Play through music and scales SLOWLY.

Sight-Reading. Before you sight-read, do two things: 1) check the Key Signature and 2) the Time Signature. Take a minute and give yourself a moment to look over the music. Once you begin playing it is important that you do not stop, even if you make a mistake, just keep playing until the end of the excerpt. Good luck!

Post-Audition. Think Positive. Auditions are tough, but be realistic with yourself about how you played. Look at the overall impression you left.

Have Fun! Playing music is an enjoyable experience and should be enjoyable every time you play, including auditions!

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